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The following are Links to websites found on the Internet that are considered to be reliable resources for providing used market values of boats noted to have been recently sold. The information on these pages is provided by spearate parties  (not affliated with MARINE SURVEYORS INTERNATIONAL LLC) who have provided the information you find.  These Links are provided solely as  a courtesy to assist you in determining Market Value information of used boats.  The information presented on these sites is Not necessarily endorsed by MARINE SURVEYORS INTERNATIONAL LLC. It is therefor advised that you consult with a marine surveyor regarding any information that you obtain and/or that you arrange for a Marine Survey to be conducted of the boat in order to more definitively ascertain its value.  One of your best sources of information  for determining the condition and value of a boat  can be derived from the service that a knowledgeable & experienced marine surveyor provides.  If you would like to discuss your surveying needs with a marine professional today, then call 305.758.0158 to talk with a Marine Pro  ~
BUC Used Boat Price Guide -  Without the expert help of a marine surveyor, the valuation of a used boat is a complicated & inexact process. One source of information is BUCValu Consumer, a current and accurate online resource  for used boat valuations.   BUC International Corporation combines over 40-years experience in used boat values with the latest econometric techniques to provide you with accurate market values. BUCValu Consumer provides a free valuation service for current or prospective boat owners who want to learn  the market value range of a particular boat. To use this service you must first login by signing-up. The information you provide during sign-up remains confidential and they do not solicit you.

BUC Used Boat Price Guide / BUC Research
1314 Northeast 17th Court
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 33305
Toll-Free Telephone: 1.800.327.6929
NADA Used Boat Price Guide -  When shopping for a used boat, be prepared. NADA provides used boat pricing for all types of boats, inclduing power boats, ski boats, sailboats, fishing boats, pontoon boats & personal watercraft. You can also find values for outboard motors and trailers.

NADA Marine Appraisal Guide
Post Office Box 7800
Costa Mesa, California - 92628
Toll-Free Telephone: 1.800.966.6232
BOAT/US Valuation Service -  This Boat/US website provides a submission form for you to fill out so they can provide you with a free estimate of  the fair market value of your current boat, or of another used boat that you may be interested in buying.

BoatUS / Boat Owners Association of The United States
880 South Pickett Street
Alexandria, VA 22304
Phone: 703-823-9550
Fax: 703-461-2847