PRE-PURCHASE CONDITION & VALAUTION SURVEYS are condcuted on behalf of prospective buyers. These type of marine surveys are the most comprehensive of inspections.   The primary  focus and purpose of this type of inspection  is to access condition and adeqaucy of the vessel's hull structures. The secondary purpose is to ascertain the condition and installation of machinery, systems, equipment & rigging.  The Principal Methods of surveying usally employed in the course of performing a survey include:  Visual Inspection made of the hull structures throughout (where readily accessible & visible),  including the machinery, systems, equipment and rigging;  and Percussion Sounding  randomly made over deck, transom and hull underside structures, including internal hull stiffening members (where accessible). Mositure meter detecting can also be made over hull topisde, underside, transom, cabin and deck structures (though this type of testing is subject to some limitations). Additional type of inspections and tests that can be conducted in Pre-purchase circumstances include: Sea-Trials, Oil Analysis Tests, & more comprehensive Engine Surveys  (i.e.; Cylinder Compression Tests, Engine Leak-down Tests, Diagnostic Tests, Gauged Monitioring and Partial Disasemblies).  For larger class vessels more specialized type of Electrical Surveys, Refrigeration and Air-conditoning Surveys, and Electronic Equipment Surveys, can be arranged.                                   [ BACK TO MAIN PAGE ]