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BoatUS.comBoat Owners Association of the United States: Offering Consurmer and How-To Information, Boat Reviews,Boat Loans, Marine Insurance, Towing Services and much more ....
Boat World Classifieds ~ Online boat buyers resource guide, place classified ads for free, read boat reviews, find new and used boats for sale by owners and dealers.
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United States Coast Guard ~ The United States Coast Guard's maintains a current list of U.S. and Canadian recreational boat manufacturers and importers, known as the MIC Database. The MIC database also contains active & out-of-business manufacturers since 1972. Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) are required on all boats manufactured since 1972. The first three letters of the HIN, known as the MIC, identify the manufacturer of the vessel. With these letters, you can search the database to obtain information on the vessel manufacturer, or you can search the database by Company name. The search engine will display all records that either match your search criteria exactly or contain the search criteria somewhere within the Company field.
NADA Marine Guide ~ From used boat prices to personal watercraft values, we’re you’re one-stop marine destination. We have information for all types of boats, including ski, sail, power, bass and pontoon. Here you can look up NADA used boat prices, you can receive free boat finance quotes &  receive free boat insurance quotes. You can even buy a boat or sell a boat.
BUC Value ~ Without help from an expert, valuation of a used boat is a complicated and inexact process. Your solution is BUCValu, the most current and accurate online resource for used boat evaluations. ~ From manufacturer specifications to photos and expert reviews, here's your chance to learn more about some boats

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